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The Power of Simulation

We aim to develop innovative ways of training. We believe that real-life experiences and ‘learning-by-doing’ are essential in training. Most of the time, skills are practiced in real-life situations. However, it is not always possible or easy to practice in real-life. What if these skills could be trained through simulated real-life settings?

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Innovation and AI

When people think of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning is the first thing they come up with. However, AI is more than that. It represents the ability of a system to perform human tasks such as thinking, monitoring, taking decisions and so on. How do we make use of Artificial Intelligence in our training courses?

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Scientific Background

Before start developing a VR-training, we first broaden our knowledge about the concerned topic. We conduct a needs analysis by reading relevant literature and, where possible, speak with different professionals. To extent our knowledge even further, we maintain close contact with the Radboud University.

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Our Work

In recent years, we completed a number of impressive projects. So we created a very effective VR communication trainer which we called Iva. It the most powerful solution for soft-skills training in VR. It makes it able to practice your verbal ánd non-verbal communication in lifelike scenarios with AI-controlled virtual humans. We already applied Iva in a variety of use cases, from healthcare to education to public transport.

In addition, we also developed VR training courses and serious games that allow users to practice more procedural and practical skills. Our products offer real-life experiences that will prepare you for real-life scenarios.

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ENG – Motivational Interviewing

ENG – Recognize and Discuss Low Literacy


Virtual Persona Max

HAN – Virtual Client

Radboud UMC – Patient Comfort Techniques

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Meet The Simulation Crew

Eric Jutten


Edward Bosma


Kiki Buijs

Projectmanager & consultant

Henk Jan Baard

Software developer

Jelle Pingen

Software developer

Tim Meermans

Software developer

Joost Jens

Software developer

Jamie Nooten

Art Director / Lead artist

Inge Mos

Learning Experience Designer

Quintie Stoel

Learning Experience Designer

Aynsley Doyle

Junior 3D artist 

Our Partners

Gemeente Den Bosch
Stichting STIP
Leiden University

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