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We believe it is very important to be innovative. Virtual Reality in itself is different from other innovations. It can facilitate realistic experiences in an imaginary world where you feel physically present. Within this world, you can interact with virtual beings. Moreover, it gives you the feeling that you are in control because you can determine which way you look, how you move, and what you say.

We make use of the most advanced and newest innovations to make the experience as natural as possible for our users. For example, players can communicate with our avatars through natural speech. This creates a very high level of immersion. Next, we use Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding to determine the player’s intentions. Moreover, the players’ non-verbal communication, such as gaze direction, nodding, and gestures are tracked and analyzed. The avatar shows non-verbal behavior too, based on the player’s actions. As such, we provide a very rich environment for communication training. Finally, our Iva application comes with an insightful Learning Analytics system. This can be used to track the players’ progress.

Besides that, we are interested in working on innovative projects in general. We love developing 3D simulations which are within our expertise, but we are also keen on working on other projects. For example, we are currently working on a VR training called OneHAND which is made for upper limb prosthetic users.

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Project: OneHAND

Rehab training for the use of prostheses takes time and requires persistence. Virtual reality combined with rehabilitation is one way of creating an interactive and engaging process in a simulated environment that enables upper limb prostheses users to experience scenarios that promote upper limb and prosthetic use.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is about the ability of a system to perform human tasks such as thinking, monitoring, making decisions, and so on. For us, this is interesting because AI is capable of mimicking human interaction.

At The Simulation Crew, we make use of Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding. This makes it possible for our virtual avatars that they can interact in such an intelligent manner that it feels like you are having a real conversation with them. Based on an emotional state and a great number of behavior rules, they react naturally.

How does that work? As a player in our VR simulation, you can freely talk to a virtual human. This virtual human understands what you are saying and will react to this. Not only your voice is being detected, but also your non-verbal communication such as body language, eye contact, and even your emotions.

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BNAIC: Best Demo Award 2020

The Belgium Netherlands Artificial Intelligence Conference (BNAIC) is an annually organized conference bringing together AI researchers from all over the Benelux. In 2020, we attended this conference and were allowed to present our research about our training application for the Dutch Railways. This research has been performed by Eric Jutten, Edward Bosma, Kiki Buijs, Romy Blankendaal and Tibor Bosse. We were very honored to receive the Best Demo Award for this research paper.

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