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Training communication skills

How do you show real interest in the other person? What do you ask to make a good connection? How do you respond to improper behavior? These are only a few examples of communication skills one can only acquire through training in practice or roleplay.

The Simulation Crew has developed a unique tool to practice communication skills with virtual humans; we call it Iva.

“I am Iva”

I am a virtual human in a virtual world. Although I’m not real, we can have a human-like and engaging conversation. I respond to what you say and am affected by the way you say it, whether you make eye contact and by your body language.

Together we can practice countless conversation situations. I can take on various roles, personalities and emotions. In my virtual world everything is measured and evaluated, so that you get meaningful feedback.

I am always there, so practise as often and whenever you want. I help you to improve your communication skills.

I am Joyce, Max, Anna, Paul …
I am an Intelligent Virtual Agent,
I am Iva.

How it works

The Iva platform combines a solid toolkit with the flexibility to create a real-world experience that resembles your environment, your scenario’s, your conversational techniques and your personalities.

Our team of experts will work with you to create your own Iva.

Iva platform features
Natural verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Speech recognition
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Keyword detection
  • Eye tracking
  • Gesture recognition
Lifelike Virtual Humans
  • AI controlled agents
  • Human voices
  • Lip Sync
  • Non-verbal behavior
  • Evolving emotions
Meaningful feedback and performance measurement
  • Rule-based performace measurement
  • Intelligent feedback
  • SaaS Learning management & Analytics application
  • Custom scenario’s
  • Custom environments
  • Custom Virtual Agents
  • All languages
  • All VR platforms

Why it works

Immersive learning is rapidly changing the approach to soft-skills training in organisations. Interactive simulations, especially in VR, enable real-world experiences that enhance learning outcome. Research gives us insight in why this works:

  • Less stress, higher motivation
    In contradition to traditional role-play, the learner does not feel the judging eyes of fellow trainees, training actors and assessors. This leads to higher motivation and a more open mindset.
  • More presence, higher engagement
    Trainees experience co-presence with the virtual humans in the immersive environment. In other words; they feel as if they’re there and are connected to the person they’re talking to.
  • More relevant scenario’s, better transfer
    Training in VR enables adapting the training context in terms of different training partners behavior and environmental influences like the increase of stress. Similar to on-the-job-training, the representative scenario’s lead to higher training transfer.
  • More practice, better retention
    Improving communication skills is all about behavioral change, which isn’t achieved in a single moment. It requires lots of practice and repetition to achieve that desired long-term effect, something that comes within reach with virtual humans that are always available.

Where it works

Iva can be applied for training communication skills in healthcare, public services, corporate environments and education. Some examples are Customer service training, de-escalation training, motivational interviewing training, building rapport training; possibilities are endless. Read our succes stories, and contact us to discuss your case.

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