C&A training

The Simulation Crew has developed a simulation based training to skill C&A  staff in the new stock management procedures. The life-like 3D simulation, realistic scenario’s and high level of interaction enable employees to become experienced even before the new RFID system is introduced in the stores. The integrated Virtual Coach assists the employee throughout the exercices by means of audio instructions and feedback, just like an instructor would do in on-the-job training. The multi-language and multi-platform training is ready to facilitate the roll-out of the RFID system accross Europe, and of course to train all new hires in the future.


De Training C&A Merchandise Visibility is build upon our in-house developed software platform . This platform enables us to create customised training simulations. The proven and awarded training concept can be applied in all use-cases in which ‘learning-by-doing’ is the best way to gain skills. The platform offers a complete solution, including multi-plaform app distribution, learning management and learning analytics.

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