What do you do if there is a fire? What should you do if a colleague becomes unwell? What if someone fell down the stairs? In this emergency training, which we have developed together with the Sint Maartenskliniek, you learn how to act in case of a fire, becoming unwell, or an accident.

It seems simple, but you have to think about many things. In addition, the correct order is also important, especially if there is a fire. For example, will you start with calling 112? Or are you going to try to extinguish the fire first?

In our virtual environment, you find yourself in a hospital. You can perform all kinds of actions there: call 112, close windows, operate the fire extinguisher. You can also communicate with patients, colleagues, and the rescue team.

After each round you will receive feedback, explaining which actions you have performed well and how you can do even better in the next round. You get all the necessary action points to become a 5-star Health Hero.

5-star Health Hero

The emergency training is based on the 5-star Health Hero principle. This was invented by Remco Hoogendijk, Innovation Manager at the Sint Maartenskliniek. The 5-star Health Hero principle means that by combining an E-learning with a simulation or VR training you will eventually reach the level of a 5-star Health Hero.

Help, fire!

The advantage of using Virtual Reality is that you experience the tension and stress that occurs during a calamity. Practicing under tension and stress brings the (procedural) actions of players to a higher level. This ensures that they know better how to act in case of a real stress situation. In this way, patients can be brought to safety faster and more efficiently.

Corresponding emergency app

No new knowledge is taught in our VR training. The aim is to put the acquired knowledge into practice. For that reason, in addition to the emergency training in VR, we developed an app, compatible with both Android and iOS. This app will ensure that players can get all the knowledge they need to go through the emergency training properly.

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