Virtual Skillslab

Virtual Skillslab

Virtual Skillslab develops games in which you can work as a sales employee or logistics employee, for example. Games in which you learn real professional skills and pass your practical exam. A safe environment in which you can make mistakes and are guided by the built-in virtual coach. A kind of virtual internship!

You learn practical skills by doing, and through the right guidance. Virtual Skillslab combines realistic simulation with intelligent didactics. In a form that is in line with the world of young people.

Virtual Skillslab is deployed at more than 200 schools in MBO, VMBO and Practical Education. Let your students gain experience as sales associates or logistics workers. Try it out for yourself today, absolutely free and without obligation!

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Cashier Trainer

In the virtual store, students help customers at the checkout. In various situations, the student practices working with systems, carrying out procedures, following safety regulations and of course customer contact. In an integrated way, just like in real life!

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Hospitality Game

How does hospitality work? Notice the customers first. Make them feel seen. Greet the customers. Start a chat. Walk with them for a while. Ask the right questions. Listen carefully, and summarize what you hear. Say goodbye properly. Easy? Not always. Hospitality takes practice. And practice is exactly what you can do in the Hospitality Game!

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Virtual Skillslab

Warehouse Game

Students get to work themselves in an interactive 3D distribution centre. They can walk and drive around. There are various internal means of transport, a working Warehouse Management System (WMS) and a large number of realistic products. First, the student selects the task in the WMS. Then the player selects the correct means of transport. Then the student sets out to register received goods, bring pallets to the bulk location, replenish pick locations, pick orders or load trucks. In an integrated way, the student practices executing procedures, dealing with systems, working efficiently and responding to unexpected situations. Just like in practice!

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