From the age of 13, you can start your first newspaper route in the Netherlands and at the age of 15, you can apply for a side job at the supermarket. We, therefore, apply from an early age, but no matter how old we are, it always feels scary. What questions will be asked? Do you answer them well enough? And what does the competition actually look like?

How nice would it be if you could practice before an important job interview? At The Simulation Crew, we have the solution for that: the VR application training.

Training’s structure

In this training you will apply for the position of packing employee at a fictitious company called Inpak B.V. You have a conversation with Hans, the manager. During this interview, 20 typical interview questions are discussed, such as naming your (less) good qualities and why you applied. Because we use free speech in our training courses, you can answer these questions in your own way.

Do you give an answer that Hans is happy with? Then you will notice this: we will smile or give a compliment. If you give a lesser answer, Hans will respond more modestly. So what you say has an effect on the conversation! That way you get real-time feedback on the answers you give.

When the interview is over, you will be called about the result: have you been hired? Followed by personal feedback you receive from our system. What went well and what could be improved? After this, you do the training again, as often as you want (or until you are hired of course).

Inpak BV virtual reality

Variety of target groups

Job application training is useful for everyone. We made this training in collaboration with the Municipality of Den Bosch, especially for people with a distance to the labour market. Applying for a job can be quite exciting for this target group, for example, because of a gap in their CV.

The VR application training is also suitable for other target groups. High school students who need to apply for a part-time job for the first time. Graduates looking for their first full-time job. Or employees who have been with the same employer for a while, but now want to change course. The application training is (sooner or later) of added value for everyone.

The future

Job interviews come in all shapes and sizes. That is why we have the ambition to develop more cases for the VR application training. For example, we can vary in vacancies, so that you can practice based on a position that suits you. In addition, we can also use different types of avatars. After all, applying for a job with a relaxed company manager is very different from entering into a conversation with a strict HR manager.

Are you interested in developing a new case (or cases) together with us? Please contact us. We are happy to collaborate!

VR Sollicitatietraining


The VR application is an application of the IVA platform developed by The Simulation Crew. Speech recognition is used for this platform. The choice to work with open (free) speech input arose from the desire to create as natural a conversational situation as possible. This way works without the limitations of multiple-choice communication. After all, in this, the suggestion is already given away, something that is not there in reality. In reality, you will have to find your words and deal with the situation on your initiative. In addition to verbal communicationnon-verbal communication is also included, such as eye contact, body posture, and voice intonation. A web-based dashboard provides insight into the participants’ progress and results.

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