The Power of Simulation

The Power of Simulation

The Simulation Crew is an expert in creating real-life experiences in a virtual world. We believe virtual reality is a safe environment to improve your skills without being watched or judged. Making mistakes is normal and, also, necessary to be able to learn. Instead of explaining stories or scenarios, you can experience them in VR. Therefore, we believe VR-training is a useful extension of the learning process.

The power of our simulations can be found in immersion, instruction and interaction.


During a VR-training, the player enters a realistic 3D learning environment. This enables you to immediately interact with the world around you. Moreover, you can communicate with avatars by simply using your voice. These elements allow for high levels of immersion.

This high level of immersion results in focused attention. That, in turn, will lead to more effective learning, because the information is processed more actively.


Within the virtual world, we built-in an intelligent tutoring which delivers feedback after each session. It provides tips and tricks which can immediately be applied during the VR-training. Besides, the progress bars give you a nice overview of your progress on relevant topics.


Our simulation games contain many interactive elements. For example, players have great freedom to interact with the virtual world. This interaction is a result of both verbal and non-verbal communication. Based on speech recognition, sentiment analysis, keyword detection and eye-tracking, we can create a highly realistic conversation.

This motivates learners to keep practising because the conversation could take a different turn every time. Do you want to learn more about this? Meet our Intelligent Virtual Agents (Iva)! Or feel to contact us for any questions.

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